Managing ecological succession on your landscape is key to a successful transition from early design establishment to high-diversity, high-production maturity in the future.

Whether tree pruning or soil management; trouble-shooting challenges like surplus production or an abundance of water; or highlighting new opportunities, I can support you in getting accustomed to the dynamics of living in a thriving, adaptive landscape.

Based on your specific goals and needs, a combination of site visits and remote check-ins ensure that your landscape continues to evolve towards your living vision.

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Your pace, depth of knowledge, active ppt style, simplicity and iconic approach to the imagery, clear and concise answers to questions, rapport with the students, and bite-sized approach to key learning outcomes was AWESOME.

James Richardson
Permaculture Design Certificate Educator Ph.D. Landscape Architecture and Design Education, Victoria University of Wellington. M.A.S.L.A. Sustainable Food System Design, University of British Columbia. B.Ed. Outdoor & Experiential Education, Queen's University. B.Sc. (Hon) Biology, Geography and Mathematics, McMaster University.