Podcasts with Javan

I love listening to stories.

My first cassette tapes weren't music, they were The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. Along with my first walkman, there were 10 cassettes in their own wooden box.

I listened to them endlessly.

Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to be a guest on a number of podcasts and help produce a few episodes.

Below is a growing list of the podcasts I've been part of.

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New Podcast Project

After years of working on a few seperate podcast projects I'm working on bringing them all under a new singular podcast. If you're interested in being notified about when the new podcast is live click the button below.

This new podcast project will include some of my previous podcast projects including:

This is my podcast on land and life design, my conversations with colleagues, interviews with authors and researchers and thoughts on life.


This podcast with ecologist and scientist Susan Cousineau explores some of the most common concepts in permaculture and if scientific research supports them.

This podcast is with Rob Avis of Adaptive Habitat and Javan K Bernakevitch. We look out into the world of business, land and life design and muse on what's been on our minds.

Six Ways from Sunday

Designing a Resilient Life

The Ruminant with Jordan Marr

Permaculture Voices with Diego Footer

Low Times for Go Times

Regenerative Business Mentorship Principles 1-6

Life Design 6 Episode Miniseries

One Off Episodes

Guest Podcasts


The Mental Game of Getting Started Part 1 - Javan Bernakevitch - The Sample Hour


All Points Life Design Review - Javan Bernakevitch

Would you like to collaborate on a podcast?

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