REPORT: Tapped Out: A Special Report on Water Scarcity and Water Solutions in British Columbia

Published September 24, 2019

“Tapped Out describes the scale of water stress across British Columbia, identifying areas likely to experience water shortages, and offers concrete solutions for how to tackle this imminent crisis.

2.9 million British Columbians live in areas where water shortages are likely to be a serious problem in the coming years. Water shortages will also hurt endangered salmon runs, compounding the many other threats they face.

We are calling on the provincial government to step up their efforts to implement key aspects of B.C.’s Water Sustainability Act, particularly to collect and use better data, to implement groundwater licensing more rapidly, to set environmental flow thresholds across the province, and to provide funding for local communities and groups to participate in water planning.”

Accessed Sept 26 2019

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