Life Design

If you don't design your life someone else will

You're born into beliefs, behaviours and patterns from parents, friends, family and society at large.
And you don't fit most of that programming.
Having your life designed for you can create:
  • A lack of direction,
  • Problems making decisions,
  • Not knowing who you are or what your good at,
  • Problems saying no,
  • A lack of work/life balance,
  • And being directed by past events instead of being present to your life today.
Since 2013 I’ve been helping ecologically minded and land focused folks distill their direction, make better decisions, explore what they’re good at, understand where their issues come from, start enthusiastically saying no, and train a strong mindset that just like a muscle grows over time.


Live life on your terms not on anyone else's


Prioritize and learn how to love saying No


Pursue your gifts and work to your calling


Strengthen your mind and beliefs


Build your Craft, Reputation and Sales

You are the best person to design your life

If you're ready to start improving your life through design, let's start today.