Life Design

Where to from here?

“The best way to predict the future 

is to design it”

– Buckminster Fuller

If you don't design your life, it will be designed for you.

We are born into the stories of our parents, family, community, friends and society.
And, for the most part, those stories don't fit exactly who we are.
If you haven't actively challenged those stories or designed your life for yourself, it's been designed for you.
And if it's been designed for you, there are areas where you may feel friction or frustration, such as:
  • A lack of direction,
  • Problems making decisions,
  • Not knowing who you are or what your good at,
  • Problems saying no,
  • A lack of work/life balance,
  • And being directed by past events instead of being present to your life today.
Since 2013 I’ve been helping folks distill their direction, make better decisions, explore their natural gifts, explore and understand what rules their lives and train strong mindsets that get better year after year.

A podcast overview of Life Design.


This is an excellent overview of my approach to life design. It's a good first step to see if we might be a good fit together.

"We delve into life design and its significance. Javan highlights the consequence of not designing our lives: someone else will. Signs of an undesigned life include uncertainty about strengths, lack of direction, past events dictating actions, difficulty refusing, and indecisiveness. During the interview, we explore values-based decision-making and its influence on managing time and prioritizing. If unsure about values, Javan offers guidance on discovering them."

The Solutions


Live life on your terms not on anyone else's


Prioritize and learn how to love saying No


Pursue your gifts and work to your calling


Strengthen your mind and beliefs


A helping hand to Build your Craft, Reputation and Sales

The REsults

This work is based on exploring and choosing the right path for the right time. Here’s what students, participants, and clients are saying about the results of life design.

Time to design your life?

If you're ready to start improving your life through design, start today.