Life Design

If you don't design your life someone else will


Live life on your terms not on anyone else's


Prioritize and learn how to love saying No


Pursue your gifts and work to your calling


Strengthen your mind and beliefs


Build your Craft, Reputation and Sales

You are distinctly unique

For all the atoms, molecules and elements in existence, you beat unimaginable odds to be born at this moment, this time and this place. The stuff that makes you up, never came together before your life in exactly this composition, and never will again.

Keeping in mind your impossible good luck in being born, and your never to be repeated again life, should we be surprised that the designs on you life from parents, friends, marketing agencies, governmental institutions and society at large aren't a perfect fit?


If you don't design your life someone else will

Clients have connected with me since 2010 because I know deep in my bones, this simple truth - if we don’t design our lives someone else will, or already has.

The problem with someone else designing your life, is it doesn't fit. Either we have to stretch ourselves too thin to force a fit or painfully squeeze into a situation that just doesn't work.


Only you can determine what's right for you

Life design is the process of deep reflection to rediscover what’s true of your essence and filter out curiosities, passions and opportunities that don’t fit you, your partnership, your family, your business or your life.

Instead of constantly trying to life up to expectations that weren’t made with you in mind, we work to build the tools, techniques and processes to filter what fits and serves you and your goals.

“The best way to predict the future, is to design it”

– Buckminster Fuller

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It's always a good time to redesign

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