Life Design

Mindset & Beliefs

Do you know what rules you?


Stories can rule our lives, our relationships and our business.

Exploring where these stories originated, how they influenced your life and mindset can pave the way to a growing awareness.

And just like looking both directions before you cross the street, awareness can be the deciding factor between a successful crossing or a lot of frustration and pain.

You see, it's not a matter of if we fall, but when we fall. 

Working with regenerative entrepreneurs, farmers, designers, and ecologically minded folks it's a brittle mindset and baggage from the past that keeps dreams and ambitions at bay. 

Tailored to you and your situation, this process explores weakness and helps to strengthen your overall mindset.

When personal resistance impedes your progress, we explore the roadblocks. Building awareness of these parts allows you to be the conductor of your life, becoming aware of when certain parts want to run the show and how to work with instead of against your inner nature.

The result?

There is less in the way, and you've built strength to be able to weather any storm life throws at you with greater ability then you had before.

The Results

Time to get unstuck?

If you've been at whims of negative thoughts or limiting beliefs you know the despair they can cause. If you're motivated to explore your stories and beliefs to figure out what's going on let's talk.