Life Design

Mindset & Beliefs

Do you know what runs and rules you?

It's not a matter of if you fall, but when you fall. 

Time and time again working with regenerative entrepreneurs, farmers, designers, and ecologically minded folks it's a brittle mindset and baggage from the past that keeps dreams and ambitions at bay. 

Completely tailored to you and your situation, this process explores the areas of your mindset that are weak and trains them into a state of anti-fragility. When personal resistance impedes your progress, we inspect the limiting beliefs acting as roadblocks and remove them or just as easily - walk around them.

The result is there's less in the way after we're finished and you've built strength to be able to weather any storm life or business throws at you with greater ability then you had before.

Life Design Book in the works

I'm currently working on my first book about life design. Once the book is available I'll release a limited number of copies to those on this list at a discounted price and a few other perks. Sign up below to be one of the first to dive into designing your life for the better.

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Time to get unstuck?

If you've been at whim of negative thoughts or limiting beliefs you know the despair they can cause. If you're motivated to open the hood on your beliefs and figure out what's going on drop me a line.