What All Points Design and Javan is up to now.

UPDATED: 2024/02/16

Regenerative Land Design Projects

This past year, I was honoured to work with an incredible site in the Pacific North West, helping a couple develop their dream of a resilient homestead that will be a feet-first property (they don't intend to move; instead, when they leave the property, they'll be carried out feet first!).

There's been an exciting project in northern British Columbia collaborating with colleague, friend and mentor Brandon Bauer and the Xeni Gwet'in First Nations to develop a sustenance garden to feed their elders.
I'm also evaluating several projects in Africa and South America at present.


Since 2014, I've been working as an instructor at Oregon State University. In 2022, we started to offer a Permaculture Design PRO Course - specifically for students who want to become designers. It's been a fun challenge as the PRO course is double the length (20 weeks) of the regular course (10 weeks), and the level of student engagement is MUCH higher than the regular course.

The OSU PDC template that I created has been instrumental in streamlining students' education and professional advancement. At last count, I just taught my 69th PDC with no end date. Helping students develop into regenerative land design and care professionals is an honour.

Regenerative Living

In 2019, I was surprised by the polarization within the regenerative agriculture and living groups and communities I was in. There was a deification of specific ways of approaching the ecological disruption effects we're facing. My response was Regenerative Living.online, an educational platform that teaches practical skills to live on the planet as if we intend to stay.

To date, we've offered the following courses. The self-paced versions are available for purchase to further your education. 


Upcoming courses include:

  • Biogas Digesters with Kealan Gell
  • Values Based Decision Making Group Online with Javan K. Bernakevitch
  • Food Forestry with Richard Walker
  • Hugelkulture Masterclass with Javan K. Bernakevitch and special guest Zack Weiss
  • Understanding and Working with Living Soils with Jo Tobias
  • Back of the Napkin Keyline Design with Mark Krawczyk
  • Lessons from the Al Baydha Project with Neal Spackman
  • Grazing with Goats

Life Design

If you don't design your life, it'll be designed for you.

Life design is a passion and calling of mine. I continue to work with clients on Values-Based Decision Making (helping folks get clear on what they want and develop the muscle to choose how to get there), Emotional Sovereignty (knowing where their emotions come from and integrating their parts to live a more balanced and aware life), and Regenerative Business Design (helping to launch, pivot, retool or strengthen businesses with 'regenerative' or 'ecological' values).

My long-term client with Voice Dialogue inspires me most with their consistent improvements, commenting that they "no longer feel upset or despair, and when I do, it's fleeting" and "I feel balanced right now like I'm not dragging an anchor. I feel completely calm. I haven't felt like this in a while. That was a milestone session. Now, I have a platform to work off of. I can't thank you enough."

In 2022, I took on my first apprentice for Values-Based Decision Making. The apprentice is focused on community facilitation. It's been a pleasure to pass on what I know about this process.

The first draft of Values-Based Decision Making in book form is complete! I'll be refining the book and preparing it for self-publishing this year.