Holistic Life Context: Self Paced Course


Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll be taken step-by-step through the process of identifying your priorities and building a decision-making tool that will evaluate any decision. Using testing questions you can evaluate if a decision is aligned with your priorities.



Since 2014 I’ve been working with clients to help them make better decisions. Farmers, consultants, tradespeople, white-collar workers, gardeners, livestock farmers, corporate tax specialists, engineers, programmers, edible landscapers, video production specialists and many others yet all these folks had a few things in common:


1. Most were never taught how to make decisions that created well being, and

2. Consciously or subconsciously allowing others to design their lives.

FOR MOST OF US, we reach a point in life where WE:

  • are not clear on our direction;
  • have not defined what our priorities are;
  • have difficulty saying no; and
  • are suffering from the consequences.

But, we can make decisions based upon our values and achieve the state of being we’ve been chasing in less time then we thought possible.

You’ll be guided step by step to inventory your life, family or business, explore your direction and build a filter through which all decision and actions must pass. The result is a ruthless clarity of vision that when used allows you to LIVE YOUR VALUES, creating the business, family or life you’ve always wanted.

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