Land Goals

Holistic Project Goals

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Start with the end in mind.

With any client, I always start with a very simple question: What is the quality of life you're seeking?

Not what are you seeking, but what is the quality of life you want?

It’s all too easy to continually feed into a project or idea without really knowing where it will take you. What if that idea or project served you and what you’re looking for out of life?

I developed this process, based on Holistic Management, through working on dozens of land-based projects. Be it your life or your land, I guide you through finding the best way to manage your project, driven by the quality of life that you desire. My clients say that working through this process has resulted in a greater understanding of what they want, and what actions will bring them closer to their ideal life.  

This has been one of those rare opportunities to challenge my longstanding belief that I need to sacrifice my happiness in order to be successful. Instead of choosing a goal and letting my lifestyle be fluid around it, I can embrace my ideal lifestyle and my goals become fluid to support it. This is a game changer.

First, we start with describing the Whole Under Management, creating a project inventory of all the aspects that you manage, from finances and equipment to your own education and social resources.

Next, the Holistic Context clarifies what you desire for the future. Defining what you want to be true about your life creates ruthless clarity of vision, 

Finally, the Holistic Management Decision Making Process helps to evaluate if a given decision either brings you towards your intended life - or should be reconsidered.
One client described this process as
The most useful tool in my toolbox.
This tool isn't just for land-based clients. Many individuals, too, have found it profoundly helpful in creating a clarified but adaptable plan for their future
Whether selecting the right property or starting the design and installation process, with the right map in hand, you'll be starting with the destination clearly defined. 


Whole Under Management

  • Decision Makers
  • Resources
  • 8 Forms of Capital

Holistic Context

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Quality of Life Statements
  • Forms of Production
  • Future Resource Base

Decision Making

  • Decision Articulation
  • 7 Testing Questions
  • Further Revision