We offer full-spectrum services, from start to finish… and then some.

Many resources. One Goal.

Whether selecting an ideal property or starting with an existing property, I look beyond what you want to how you want to live.

Combining life and land design into a streamlined process has revolutionized the way I do business: clients are happier, projects move faster, and outcomes are, simply put, better. A clearly stated goal and vision - written with the input of everyone involved - makes developing living and vibrant landscape an exciting, efficient and rewarding process.

I don’t do generalized wish-lists; I work with specific, measurable outcomes that show clearly when and where we can do better - and when we’re hitting, or flying past, the mark.

Starting with your vision, I use the realities of your site to draft a working plan designed to grow stronger with change. Integrating land shape, water flow, soil quality and vegetation, you’ll get an adaptive strategy that not only manages water and resists fire, flood and drought - but does it while producing food, water, shelter, energy and income that will continue to grow over the years. When ready I can assist with site construction and ongoing maintenance.

Service Overview

Property Selection

  • Holistic Goal Articulation
  • Establish Land Criteria
  • Assess Locations
  • Evaluate Properties
  • Appraise Constraints and Opportunities
  • Recommendations

Site Design

  • Holistic Goal Articulation
  • Site Visits
  • Survey
  • Research and Plan Drafting
  • Workflow and Phasing
  • Budget
  • Materials Listing

Site Construction

  • Project Management
  • Layout and Siting
  • Earthworks
  • Road and Access
  • Planting
  • Soil Amendments
  • Maintenance