Graham Teeple

Professional Gardener, Toronto, Canada

Javan and I connected for 10 sessions around personal resistance work. His approach was supportive, adaptable, and highly practical. I have noticed tangible changes in my inner and outer life months after completing these sessions, and I look forward to working with him in the coming years for his expertise in personal and professional development. 

I originally approached Javan as a regenerative business mentor, and he was quick to identify the personal root of my professional challenges. Our first “good fit call” was really a wake-up call for me. In the past I have turned to talk therapists, a life coach, and self-help books/podcasts to help tackle the ol’ demons. I am confident that working with Javan has been the most influential in this regard. I now have access to a number of tools that we tested together, with concrete evidence that they work for me. As someone who values a good, lean toolkit, this is awesome.

Javan is the real deal. He will help you develop a foundation of the right skills for your journey. He will call out your bullshit in a respectful and gentle way, guiding you closer to the truth. Most importantly, he will genuinely care about what you are working on together. My advice for anyone who embarks with Javan is to do the work, be as open as possible, and enjoy the process. And be silly when you can, it’s way more fun!

I feel so thankful to have connected with Javan. In a dark time, our weekly sessions were brilliant.

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Raleigh Latham

Educator and Promoter

Going through Holistic Life Context with Javan is like learning to rewire your brain.

Thinking in terms of your own Holistic Life Context (HLC) is akin to training your brain like a muscle. The more your brain thinks in holistic terms, the more you’re able to deal with complexity, to make more difficult decisions, instead of automatically agreeing to something and hoping for the best.

It’s a new skill.  A highly useful skill, but a new one.

Making my own context was a challenge at first, but one worthy of doing because the benefits are so lifelong and incredible. Holistic Life Context offers you a way to check your decisions, to find directions in the fog of uncertainty.  If you’re like me and sometimes feel lost in opportunities, possibilities, and directionless in the entrepreneurial journey,

Javan’s personal holistic context work is a powerful tool to set yourself on the right track.

I’m still learning to use it like a muscle, but I’m intrenching it like a habit in my head, so every decision that comes my way can be run through context so I can make good decisions for my life, vs. decisions making my life for me.

Life’s a long journey, and often a lonely one, but his methods allow me to adjust and achieve lifelong goals that always seemed out of reach.  Little by little though, with my context, I am seeing results.  The more you use it, the better it gets, and the more it helps you.

You have to commit though, and I’m glad I did.

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