“My mind’s pretty blown right now”

These were the words I used at the end of the first session to describe the impact of working with Javan. In one hour long session we had cut to a root of my procrastination and found a limiting belief that had to do with one of my parents. I felt relieved after the work, with less stress and negative pressure on my mind… and that was just the first session.

Over the next 6 weeks we developed my Holistic Life Context and I was getting more accomplished, handling my life better and starting to see how my life was connected. To say I’m glad Javan is in the business he’s in, would be an understatement.

Towards the end of my work with him and developing my Holistic Life Context I felt more focused by asking myself the right questions. By using the methods and tools he trained me in my future is clear and I’ve let go of the many excuses that were holding me back.

If you have something holding you back in life, if you want to make better decisions, or create your own clear path and you’re willing to put in the work, Javan is going to help you see quick improvement. Working with Javan has been awesome and incredibly rewarding. It was money well spent for sure and I recommend him to anyone looking to see positive change in their life. Thanks again.

Drew Sample

Entrepreneur and Podcaster
Holistic Life Context, Life Design