My students and I felt your talk really helped to ground the practice of Permaculture into our everyday lives. Your presentation on finding what students are a) gifted at, b) love to do, c) makes a positive difference (to themselves and/or the world) askes the question of how will they incorporate Permaculture in their lives, they need to distill their gift, their joy and their change.  This question and exploration is fundamental and, as far as I can see, is often missed in PDC courses, leaving folks who are say stock traders or engineers or pizza delivery people feeling left out of the Permaculture movement … or worse, invested in a farm that they don’t really like running … it is always interesting to see the number of business folks who want to buy property but don’t really like planting, weeding, or otherwise working the land.
I was nervous about the technology side of the presentation, but your pace, depth of knowledge, active ppt style, simplicity and iconic approach to the imagery, clear and concise answers to questions, rapport with the students, and bite-sized approach to key learning outcomes was AWESOME. I look forward to working/building/growing/teaching/designing with you again.

James Richardson

Permaculture Design Certificate Educator Ph.D. Landscape Architecture and Design Education, Victoria University of Wellington. M.A.S.L.A. Sustainable Food System Design, University of British Columbia. B.Ed. Outdoor & Experiential Education, Queen's University. B.Sc. (Hon) Biology, Geography and Mathematics, McMaster University.
Life Design for Permaculture