A few weeks ago I had convinced myself that I  needed to spend $25,000 on a new/used truck for my company which is looking to expand it’s permaculture installations this year.

I’ve been in the landscape industry for over 30 years and was not looking forward to more time in the field as I would deep down prefer design or education work. I looked at this decision as a means to an end…I’ll be happy when.

During day one of Javan’s Holistic Life Context group course it became obvious that I was headed down the wrong path, or at least one that I hadn’t fully explored, craft the holistic goals first then test them against the decision.

These are currently under development but I can feel that this truck purchase is not going to make the cut. Javan thanks for saving me $25,000.

Jamie Wallace

JAAN Designs - Permaculture and Landscape Designer
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