Since leaving school I have been taught by numerous teachers and instructors in the german forces, at scuba/sky diving and sailing. In each case I became an instructor myself. I attended University in England and later had the chance to go back there to teach journalism and filmmaking after many years of working for the BBC all over the world. Out of all those tutors three also became my mentors. Albeit only having Javan as my permaculture teacher for 6 weeks, he is one of them. Javan does not stop teaching when the class is over. His integrity, demeanour and total honesty enriched my life every time he was present. And present he is! Clear, sharp, focused, utterly reliable. He turned up for every class well on time and perfectly prepared. Who needs Wikipedia when Javan is around? However, instead of being this nerdy superbrain he is the well grounded, social and sensitive type. He helped me find my holistic goal, see the comprehensive complexity of Permaculture and life. Javan leads by example and I am very grateful for all that he has given to me as a teacher and contemporary and I therefore highly recommend to anyone to have him help you with your project or course.

Kalle Kaub

Ex-German Military and BBC War Correspondent
Education, General