I’ve benefited deeply from working with Javan. Having a holistic context that is so well custom tailored to me is going to help my family, my business and of course, myself for the rest of my life.

Along the way he helped me identify some major limiting beliefs and blind spots that I am now actively working to shift and that alone has been an incredible upgrade for me.

I couldn’t have come to this outcome alone.

The clarity I have now about how to make decisions, fully in alignment with my long term goals and visions, makes me feel more confident and relaxed, moving through the trials and tribulations of life.

Already things are going much better and I can see how I will get where I want to go very clearly. The only way I could get off track now is if I don’t use the tools I built with Javan’s help.

I would not hesitate to make this investment again, I only wish I would have done it sooner.

Thanks again!

Michael Wolfert

Lead Consultant Symbiosis Regenerative Systems
Client, General, Holistic Life Context, Life Design