I finally went through Javan Bernakevitch’s module to develop my holistic life context over the last 6 weeks. Something inside of me has shifted as a result. My decision making competence feels uplifted and I feel more engaged in the design of my life than I can recall. I’m plugged into myself in a truly regenerative way. I now have an elegant, dynamic and potent decision making tool that reflects MY life context and I have Javan to thank for that.

Javan is a passionate & skilled facilitator who has been immersed in holistic design (his own, his businesses, and his clients) in a committed and consistent way for quite some time. He has chosen some of the most regenerative tools out there and formulated a unique recipe for determining your holistic context. He delivers it in the most accessible and deciphering way I can imagine and if you’re wholehearted with the process and work with him to follow the recipe your individual or partnered holistic context will be created – guaranteed. But it does mean work I admit it was challenging at times. The exercises, the reflections and mining through the data of stories, beliefs, history, values, and comprehensive spectrum of capitals is revealing, sometimes in uncomfortable ways. But Javan provided the compassionate encouragement, honest insight & ruthless bullshit detection that supported the accountability that I needed to see this through. He provided the perspective to see through the complexity of ME to be genuinely honest about the purpose of my life – RIGHT NOW. His presence and talent for joyfully resonating the subtleties of communication over the phone and making you feel BIG was brilliant and our weekly calls were something I very much looked forward to. Since then my allegiance to my values and purpose has been reinforced, I can interpret the climate of MY mind better, the overwhelm of making decisions has been alleviated and I’ve noticed that I’m getting more effective at undercutting the storms of second guessing that has been my norm. I can account for the complexity of my life (or business or property or whatever it is I decide to apply this to) with clarity and confidence.

And that is why you get so much more than a suite of tools and a holistic context. For anyone who’s interested in the idea of designing your life and business so it’s a true and honest reflection of yourself (or selves) I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Javan. Do not settle for anything less than genuine movement towards the most honest, integrated and encompassing expression of yourself or your business. The value of working with Javan is GOLD.

Naomi deVille

Client, Holistic Life Context, Life Design