Nikki Martens

Holy moly, this has been worth every second. I realize now how funny and arbitrary my decision-making has been — just having general ideas and thinking I can wing something.

This process forced me to really evaluate my decisions holistically and I found once I actually did the ground work (researching, calculating, re-doing my budget) the decisions I initially desired totally shifted.

It felt so good to have a compass and destination. I feel like things are easier to let go of and the things that have the most potent return are re-energizing! It was a lot of work but I don’t feel torn anymore… I feel like I actually know how to make a decision for the first time in my life!

Where was this when I was 20?!?!

Thanks for bringing me through this process, I feel so fantastic, like scaling a peak and being like, “Damn! the view is good up here!”

Nikki Martens

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