The Facing Fire documentary was enlightening, heartfelt & highly educational.  For the first time, I finally heard a sound and readily available solution for the dangerous wildfires that have been plaguing our forests for years.  Most importantly, Javan offers us as the viewer an opportunity to change our relationship with fire from a fearing one to a collaborative one.

In this documentary he interviews some of the Native American Indians and invites us as a society to draw upon their ancient wisdom and embrace their unique perspective.  The perspective of bringing controlled and conscious small fires into our local communities all over the world guided by ancient wisdom.  I am deeply inspired by Javan’s mission and since I work with children and families my first thought is to bring this documentary to the younger generation and show this in every classroom all over the world.

Rita Gendleman

Occupational Therapist Specializing with special needs children - New York, USA
Documentary, Facing Fire