The OSU Permaculture Design Course is a fantastic opportunity to better understand and manage the flows of energy through a diversity of design sites. Inspiring videos, engaged and knowledgeable instructors offering insight and guidance, and rigorous assignments challenge students to immerse themselves in learning about their place. Jump in with both feet! The more we can dig in, the more rewarding the experience.

I received wise council from Javan and Karen on site analysis and design, and was inspired by the knowledge of Andrew, Marisha, and the amazing cast of contributors to the course curriculum. Some of my favorite morsels from Javan are “sell your certainty and buy bewilderment,” “what we celebrate persists,” and his description of the incredible tool of assisting others to make design decisions based on their values.

Also awesome was the warm supportive environment in the student chat forums, rich with constructive feedback and exciting ideas. If you can, make sure to round out the phenomenal wealth of digital resources by picking up a field guide, and spending time listening to nature. OSU PDC offers a transformative experience!