I first heard Javan speak on The Ruminant podcast, in an episode on farmer mental health. Javan’s way of communicating really resonated, and I’ve listened to that episode a few times now to revisit what he explained.
I sensed really genuine compassion, humour, and knowledge born of experience, and thought ‘this guy is legit, and I would really like to talk to him myself’. I learned some powerful ideas while working through Javan’s Single Decision session, and I would recommend it to someone who is having trouble with decision-making.
The questions he posed before the session were thought-provoking and compelled me to look at myself honestly and with kindness. Javan’s approach in the whole process was open-hearted, generous, warm and quite firm in asking for me to show up with authenticity. I appreciated all of it.
Thanks a million!

Sasha Faminoff

Farmer - Sweden
Business, Client, Holistic Life Context, Land Design, Life Design