Your insights are a gift to the world.

I have taken two separate 6 Day Holistic Management courses facilitated by 3 HMI Certified instructors. And while I have gained tremendous value from the considerable time and financial capital I invested for those trainings, it is now paled in comparison to the clarity and value I have gained from working through Javan’s Holistic Life Context process.

During his 6 week program I only had to book 6 hours of time for phone conversations and the reminder of the work modules was completed as my busy schedule allowed. I knew that my time spent working with Javan would help my to advance my understanding of Holistic Management, but still my expectations were blown away. His incredible ability to distil the complex and abstract concepts of HM into clear and potent insights, that you can actually apply to your life on a daily basis, is remarkable. I now have the mental clarity to survey my life and quickly and thoughtful discern a path forward that is not only leading to my Holistic Goal, it actually is my Holistic Goal. I now feel like I am experiencing life in slow motion.

Faced with an opportunity to purchase a portion of the family farm back I was overwhelmed with emotions and biases. I couldn’t see straight. After reviewing my Holistic Life Context, speaking with Javan and a lot of the toughest work on the farm there is – thinking, it was clear that this opportunity, just not for me. I side stepped $500,000 in debt, saving time, frustration and financial pain. My current farm businesses and quality of life have never been better.

Thanks a million, or should I say, half a million!

Takota Coen

Farmer - Grass Roots Farm
Client, Holistic Life Context