After finding incredible value in creating my own context with Javan I became increasingly eager to help others with this work, and the next step was obviously to understand it better for myself.

The Practicum program allowed me to take my understanding of context and values-based decision-making deeper, with each process allowing me to unlock another level. It came at a time when I was making increasingly complex decisions for myself, my family, and the nascent intentional community that we are a part of. Sometimes all three of those Wholes interlocked, creating a fascinating complexity – but one that would have been overwhelming without having a process in which to hold and ground it.

Having Javan mentor me through this phase and provide feedback was invaluable, helping me to ‘thread the needle’ with the big interlocking decisions.

By the end of the program I felt ready to start assisting those around me in a really meaningful way, but also realised how managing complexity well is one of the biggest challenges we face in the world today – and that it holds the key to meaningful, positive change going forward.

Tristan Holme

Journalist and Community Builder - South Africa
Holistic Life Context Practicum