Welcome to Envisioning 2021

I'm excited to share a process that I undertake once every year. It's a simple and straightforward process that has helped me to review the experiences that have shaped my previous year, consider my future wants and set my course for the next year.

In anticipation of the workshop please read the preparation materials below.


If possible have a quiet place to be present during the workshop. Let those in your house know that you'll be focused for the next 2 hours and can support your process during that time and your entire next year by  giving you space to be present in the workshop.

If it's not possible to have a quiet place to participate, no worries. Where and how you come to the workshop will be just as it should be.


Exercise 1

There are two major elements you need to come prepared for the workshop.

1) Take between 30-60 minutes before the workshop and list out all elements that made up the months of 2020. If you keep a calendar this is a good time to take it out. Move through each month and list in a notebook, piece of paper or digital file you can recall or have on hand for the workshop the events, projects, relationships, or elements that made up each month.

For example January and February of last year had these elements to them for me.

2020 - January

  • N. BC Workshop Prep
  • Squash w Steve
  • Mediation
  • Closer with Todd
  • Accident Recovery
  • Client Work - P/A/M
  • ELM Mastery
  • Travel back Cabin
  • VDI Training
  • VDI Practice

2020 - February

  • Water Test
  • NP Work Accountability
  • Squash
  • Accident Recovery
  • Travel back Cabin
  • Podcast Musings
  • VDI Training
  • VDI Practice
  • ECD Documentary
  • N. BC Workshops

Try to fill out as much as possible what occupied each of the 12 months of 2020. Consider your emotional or mental state in each month. I find as I move through my calendar (I keep a google calendar) I can remember my mental and emotional state as review each week. If you can't recall either, no worries, we'll get a general impression of the month or perhaps the season during the workshop.

2) Bring some kind of note taking equipment. If you like doodling with big paper and markers and colors, a graphic tablet, or just a word document give yourself permission to take notes and work through the exercises as you would like to during the workshop. Give yourself permission to play with a new way of note taking during the workshop.

Exercise 2 - Updated Dec 18 2020

If you're able, take the time to complete the following:

1) Take another 30-60 minutes after you've created the Monthly Elements list above and start to grade or qualify each element in your list.

Consider if the element served you and promoted your well being or if it didn't serve you and created suffering. Some elements won't be cut and dry between positive and negative. That's okay.

I like to use a "+" for the elements that supported me and a "-" for those that didn't. For elements that just were what they were I use a "=".

If an element was both + and - feel free to put both down and describe why you felt that way. There's no right or wrong way to approach this.

Let's look at my previous list now that it's been graded and I've made notes on it.

2020 - January - Optimistic/Sedentary

  • N. BC Workshop Prep +/- Nervous about introducing keyline after a few month of not teaching
  • Squash w Steve ++++ so goo d
  • Mediation ++ hard to do but very rewarding
  • Closer with Todd ++
  • Accident Recovery +/- good to recover but difficult at times, needed to give more time to the work
  • Client Work - P/A/M/R ++ loved the voice dialogue work and the results it provides, business mentorship is fantastic
  • ELM Mastery ++ Enjoyed working with the clients
  • Travel back Cabin -/+ love the place but the drive is very injurious to my body, takes 2-3 days to recover
  • VDI Training +++
  • VDI Practice ++++

2020 - February - Under the Weather

  • Water Test + Good to know more about the water on site
  • NP Work Accountability +++ amazing to connect with NP, such a positive force in my life
  • Squash +++
  • Accident Recovery +/- same as January
  • Travel back Cabin -/+ same as January
  • Podcast Musings +++ Very exciting
  • VDI Training +++
  • VDI Practice ++++
  • VDI Film Work +/- hard to pin down details with M/C, enjoy sharing about VD
  • ECD Documentary +++ Exciting to be working with ZW
  • N. BC Workshops ++/- Great workshops, was feeling under the weather.

Try to fill out as much as possible about each element of the 12 months of 2020 and clarify if the element was positive or negative for you, or what elements were positive or negative. Consider as well if this is something you'd like to plan for in the new year. We'll refer to your list during the workshop.


You can find an audio only version of this video here for download and personal use.


Feedback is helpful to grow this work and hear about your experience. As well there were some valuable insights from participants in the chat of the workshop.

If you'd like access to the workshop chat please fill out this feedback form.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to be intentional with your next year. So many of the problems in our world are due to reactionary thinking and action. Taking the time to consider, reflect and set your intention for the next year contributes to the solutions our world needs.

I'm very excited to see you on Sunday.



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