Javan is a gifted agent for positive change on the planet. As an instructor, he is eloquent, well-rounded, knowledgeable and bright. He is able to adapt to the needs and interests of the participants, and is energetic enough to keep offering ideas and support through break times. As one participant described, Javan channels information to us as from a fire hose.

In the months leading up to the course, circumstances shifted multiple times. Javan remained professional and was able to confer and advise me (as a neophyte organizer) at each turning point. He was generous with time and knowledge on course promotion and building community. In fact, he suggested I run a monthly gathering to begin the process of networking and bringing like minds together. It was a successful endeavour indeed.

When the course finally ran, we had a great turn out of enthusiastic folks whose expectations were met, and surpassed. Javan was able to competently and sensibly channel solid and inspiring information. He subtly adapted it to stakeholders like a local city manager and teachers participating in the course, as well as to drop-in visitors such as our supportive local mayor and a doubtful city councillor.

I will always appreciate his efforts towards the inception of our local urban agriculture community. I look forward to opportunities to cross paths with Javan in the future. My best wishes to him as he continues to follow and share his bliss while encouraging others to do the same.

Jill Cunningham

St. Albert Food Forest Organizer
Client, Education, General