Property Selection

The right person in the right place on the right property.

You’re looking for a place to call home: a place to build wealth and resilience for changing times. Knowing what to look for depends on knowing what you really want and where to look.

I start with a holistic approach that sets out not just what you want but how you want to live. Together, we then filter decisions for region, locality and final property selection, ensuring that the land supports your ideal life and not the other way around.

Know your opportunities - the right land may be hiding right under your nose. Work with someone that knows what to look for - especially the things you can’t recognize yet.

property 1
property 2

Know the pitfalls - an ecologically functional landscape is more than a house at the top of the hill with a great view, some rain barrels and a garden. There are some elements that can't be understood from a property sheet. Ask the right questions before you buy.

We use your goals to see which property fits best. Being aware of both constraints and opportunities can mean the difference between buyer’s exuberance and buyer's remorse.

That's worth more than the mortgage, property tax and moving costs - it's your peace of mind.  

After this essential prudent planning, we can begin working on the project design.


Are We A Good Fit?

Over the years I’ve learned that a solid collaboration with clients sets the foundation of a project. Take a look to see if I'm a good fit for you and your property.