Absolutely amazing, I can not speak highly enough about the OSU Permaculture Design Pro course.
I have been on a journey, I developed a business and through the learning process of creating a product and marketing it, I realised that no artificial goods are sustainable, this led me to stop producing my product and researching degrowth, that led me the energy crisis in particular peak oil, both led me to permaculture.  A mitigation strategy that can mitigate the predicaments the planet faces and that we in turn face.  A friend from the Isle of Wight in England introduced me to this course.

The structure of the course is incredibly easy to follow, it strategically takes you through each process of design. The lessons themselves are via recorded videos and the lecturers are incredibly good at explaining the content, it is very easy to engage with the learning material. The book that accompanies the lessons is also incredibly well written and runs along side the course very well. To add to this, within each assignment are more video lessons, helping you and guiding you through the assignments, they are incredibly detailed and also very very easy to follow thanks to Javan’s very smooth and talented teaching methods.  Encompassing all of this content are regular face to face webinars with the teachers, to discuss the assignments and ask questions about the design process. The adoration for permaculture and the different elements within permaculture are very evident through the teachers, they really do make this course, they are splendid and have a wealth of information to learn from.

The PDC also has a very non-pressured feel to it. I am currently a full time teacher and I only had my time at the weekends and free time to work on my assignments. It is very manageable and I can definitely recommend it to people who are currently working full time.

To summarise, I have learnt invaluable information about mapping land, water management, soil management and a deep dive into plant and tree matrixes. I will miss this course dearly and I would go as far to say, that it has significantly changed my outlook on my life, on my knowledge of biodiversity and the wider scope of people and community. Thank you to my teachers and Oregon State University, I will never forget this experience and I’m looking forward to using my newly learnt skills. 

I cannot recommend this course enough, it is immensely important and inspirational! Thank you so much! 

Leon Mead

English Language Teacher - Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, China,