Javan Bernakevitch began his presentation to a full house promptly at 10:45am. He is a dynamic and energetic speaker. His passion is contagious and he gives a great presentation! His presentation began with a discussion of finding your niche and explaining to us that there is not one true niche. We limit our potential when we try and find just one. “Humans are biodiverse in all ways. Avoid monocropping your life.” It was interesting to hear him talk about perennial polycultures and how that applies to our own personal living systems. Reviewing my notes of each presentation in order to write the article, I can’t help but notice the number of notes and ideas created during Javan’s discussions. He radiates enthusiasm which was conducive to the generation and flow of ideas. It was remarkable.

Rob Kaiser

Permaculture Voices 2 Participant
Deliberate Living Systems
Ohio, USA

Education, General, Speaking