“I discovered the permaculture world fairy recently (where have you been all my life?) when I was searching for focus at a time when I felt quite uncertain about the trajectory our planet is on. I took the OSU Intro to Permaculture Course and suddenly a new realm of possibilities opened up to me. I wanted to explore more, learn more, understand more, so I signed up for the next OSU PDC course. During every week of this course there have been so many ‘A-HA’ moments and areas of study that needed to be perused further. I loved the course material: the instructional videos, the supplemental material and the podcasts. Every assignment was a journey of discovery. I’m new to my property, but I already feel such an intimate connection and deeper understanding of it. The support and feedback I received was wonderful. As I said to Javan one week, “It’s amazing that 5 minutes of feedback can result in so many take-aways for me … Thanks so much for the valuable feedback.” And it was true, after just 5 minutes of video feedback, my mind started going into overdrive and the possibilities seemed endless. My mind is still all fired up, racing off on tangents wondering if I can fit more rain catchment overflow in here, or another wicking bed in there. I learned even more listening to the feedback videos for other students’ assignments. Amazing course and fabulous experience. Thanks for everything JKB!

Veronica Haits

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada