Life Design



I love working with people on life design. 

Folks who feel they're between a rock and hard place, trying to get clarity and see clearly.

It ignites me like few other things do. I enjoy challenging folks and helping them distill what's truly important to them

Supporting clients to create ruthless clarity of vision gives them the tools to decide easily if an action or decision will bring them closer to their ideal life - or further from it. 

Peace of mind in knowing you're making the right decisions, at the right time, is the epitome of enduring value.


People take for granted the ability to set your own path. As someone who is a freelancer entrepreneur, I’ve failed a lot and often that has led to feeling emotionally devastated and futureless.

Often I have felt like I was blown around by opportunities without a way to decide which one would help me the most in the end.

Coaching with Javan allowed me to create my own framework, so I could have a clear way to steer my life (financially, socially, ethically)  when I face decisions, big or small.




Raleigh Latham

Restoration and Storyteller

As a procrastinating visionary looking for a constructive kick in the butt, I couldn't have chosen a better coach to work with than Javan. My intuition was right, he's very perceptive and his insights were tremendously helpful.

The life design process Javan put together is far from just a formula. He meets you where you're at then helps you take your vision to the next level. I worked through many blocks including limiting beliefs about money and addiction to education.

Javan's presentation of holistic management is a great tool for helping me design the life I want but will also be a really helpful business tool.


I highly recommend working with Javan for any visionaries who are stuck in the abstract and need a boost to help them move into the concrete. Creating my holistic context has really helped me make confident decisions no matter how big they are.

I now have a thorough inventory of all the resources I have at my disposition and a powerful decision making tool.

Don't sign up for this course if you're looking for the easy way out. However if you want a clear picture picture of what you really want and are willing to work for it, then do it!

Thanks again for highlighting where I shine and where I get in my own way!


Arnaud Gagné

Outdoor Educator and Timberframe Builder