Conservation Hugelkultur Case Study

A workshop and installation of a hugelkultur with a ‘truth window’ into an urban demonstration garden.

Project Details

Kimberley, BC, Canada
1120 m
736 mm
Designer, Installer Lead
Conservation, Hugelkultur, Urban, community garden


In 2017 I was approached by Wildsight, an organization that "empowers environmentally responsible citizenry and strives to support conscious local economy" to teach a half day workshop on and install a hugelkultur in their community garden.

It was an educational day with 14 people in attendance.

As education was a major focus of the installation a 'truth window' was installed at the end of the hugelkultur bed to allow for the decomposition process to be observed over the years. It's important to note that the window no doubts has aided in both additional heat in the summer and had dissipated heat in the winter. This has changed the dynamics of the hugelkultur bed - and I think you'll agree from the photos - hasn't slowed down the nature of what's possible to grow on such a bed.


Wildsight Non-For-Profit


  • Local opposition to the bed that spoke of the "malicious nature of even suggesting a bed that would produce toxic chemicals from decomposing wood"
  • Material acquisition


+ Excellent staff

+ Central location in the town of Kimberly for demonstration processes

+ Exceptional production from the bed

Key Elements

  • 22' hugelkultur bed on a West/East axis
  • Local Douglas Fir and Spruce used in the bed
  • Many plants used to develop the soil and prove the concept of hugelkultur to locals


June 2021

An update in 2021 showed that the last 5 years proved the concept to locals and provided an example of self composting and self watering for long term food security and sovereignty.