I had been self-studying permaculture for several years and found OSU’s free online content very useful.  After purchasing a property in the spring of 2021, I decided to pursue OSU’s Permaculture Design Certificate to strengthen my experience and develop the skills I need to design and create my own permaculture paradise.

I am extremely grateful to have completed this course and feel the value far exceeded the cost.  The course fostered my deep dive into permaculture and the local ecology, and helped me make the most out of the observation and research phase.  The exercises prompt you to analyze your site holistically, and organize your project, so that the final design almost comes together on its own.  The template consolidates and structures what could otherwise have been an overwhelming amount of content.  It was also an extremely productive series of exercises for me as a first-time homeowner to better understand my property and how all of my systems work.

I feel particularly fortunate to have had Javan Bernakevitch as my instructor.  His depth of knowledge, personal experience, and patience in answering my many questions helped me fully understand my project.  I also appreciated his philosophical approach to permaculture, from values-based decision making to finding your zones of brilliance.

Ultimately, taking this course saved me time, labor, and money, and I personally recommend it for anyone considering a PDC.


Adria Focht

Artist / Anthropologist - North Carolina, USA
OSU PDC Student, PDC Student