Thank you for your support and instruction for the Permaculture Design course. The course was incredibly challenging, and each week I would wonder how I was going to do the homework. Then I somehow did thanks to many hours of research, redos, and support.
I found the videos you and Neil made to be essential! So essential that I’m not sure how students in other groups get the homework done!
It really helped to see examples and clarify expectations. I think if I didn’t have the videos, I might have found the course to be frustrating. For an online course it was rigorous and I am glad I had the time to dedicate to it and I am really proud of myself for completing it.
I appreciated you encouraging us not to focus on grades but on learning, since I was definitely that student in school that cared way too much about grades. Since it was such a challenging course for me, it was validating to see that I was understanding the essentials and able to apply it to a real place.
I really enjoyed the format of the course – each week using a different lens to go through the design process. I feel as though my observation and analytical skills have been sharpened and I see the world in a much more interconnected and complex way. I am excited to build on what I have learned now that I know all the things I need to learn more about!
Thank you again for your support, teaching, and time.

Amy Rougler

Manager - France
Education, General, Land Design, OSU PDC Student, PDC Student