We knew Holistic Management would be an important improvement for managing our lives and family and started using what we learned from books but we didn’t have the positive effects from it until we committed to working with an objective outside professional. We could not have the same results by ourselves. We learned to get to the cause of problems more effectively. We learned to communicate better as a family and will continue on this path. 

We have been able to use the principles of Holistic Management much more effectively through working with Javan and his refined system of using the Holistic Context and decision making.

The addition of spot checks was really helpful in using and working with our Context more proactively instead of just using it when a decision needs to be made. This alone fast tracks the process so much.

The decision forms, especially the longform, are helpful in fleshing out and fine tuning the proposed actions.

I loved seeing the already holistic process made even more holistic.

Thanks you.


Bart Geeraerts

Holistic Life Context, Land Design, Life Design