Hello from South Africa,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to both of you and the work you do.  I’m hoping that this gratitude will soon be monetary either in contribution or utilization of your services.

I’ve recently been through a journey of personal discovery spurred on by a bought of circumstantial depression (or so I thought) and the realization that my actions, or lack thereof, are shaping my children’s future (3 and 1).  The search for a fulfilling career, or happiness, or joy, or contentedness has led me through a lot of personal reflection, learning what my ‘points or skills of brilliance’ are,  farming, permaculture, to sustainable business.  From the 1000’s of hours of research I’ve done, the conversations between you two have stood out as the most pertinent to my… dilemma.  Thank you for putting yourselves out there and encouraging others to do the same.  I’ve come to a spot where I can take action knowing nothing is certain, failure is almost guaranteed and is a good thing if you see it for what it is….. experience, learning, growth.

I’m again excited for what the future holds and looking forward to sharing this world with people such as yourselves.

Again many thanks from this side of heaven