I’ve realized that we never learned how to think deeper.

I can find more answers then I use to.

The communication between Bart and me is much better, most of the time we can discuss calmly. We can talk about almost everything. Also the daily communication with the children is much better and we set up the daily schedule, that’s an improvement.

I’ve learned to look in a different way at myself and others. The “part of me” tool of sovereignty is a real help.

The spot check tool is also very helpful. Every week we evaluate ourselves and we need to do this just to work on ourselves.

I was amazed when we made the inventory for ourselves, we have/can more than we realize.

I had my doubts of starting this ‘journey’ but I’m glad we did it together as a couple for us and our family, not just Bart. So thank you for your excellent guidance Javan!