After working with Javan, I have learned more about myself then I knew before. He made me look at myself, the things around me and the people in my life, asking hard questions and digging up answers from deep inside, reflecting on thoughts, feelings and memories from past and present. It meant a hard look at the future. At times I was confused but after his phone calls and reflection, he helped me reach clarity and realise that I could build a better life not only for myself but those close to me, whether family or just those involved in my life.

Using my work with Javan I was able to quickly make a decision that saved me $22,000 in tractor costs and repairs. This work made a real difference on the farm.

It is with great thanks that I say these things as Javan helped me more then he thinks he did. For anyone looking to work with him I whole-heartedly say GO for it! It was and is well worth the time and effort.

Greg Hancock

Wet Creek Stable and Canine Sports Center
Client, Holistic Life Context, Life Design