I loved this course!

I feel I got a full spectrum of the basics of Permaculture and I understand them very well.
The course is really well organized in a way that one can learn by gradients and it all fits perfectly together in the end. Now that the course has been restructured, it is even better. Once all the assignments are done and all together in one portfolio, you feel like a pro!

The way the course is set up to give and get feedback from the other students is fantastic. It really helped me to see the work other students were doing, and what kind of sites and climates they were working with. It often helped me get new ideas to do my own work even better.
The instructors were always available and answered any questions right away. This is a great support.

The intensity of the course pushed me to really work and learn. I think many PDC courses can be quite simple, but this one is very much a university level and it pushed me to be at a high level. It also inspired me to go even deeper and do more research. I didn’t do the course just to get a certificate, but rather because I wanted to get as much knowledge as possible about Permaculture from experienced people, so this PDC from such an experienced person as Andrew Millison and all his other also very experienced instructors was perfect.

I did it in two semesters. I planned originally to do it in one, but I had to start late so I needed more time and that was actually lucky because doing the course in two semesters gave me more time to go slowly through the material and go deeper with my assignments.

My primary instructor  was Javan Bernakevitch. He was always very helpful, gave great feedback and always answered any questions or emails right away.

He has done great instruction videos for every assignment with Neil Bertrando, and this was a huge help for me. They also did some webinars to help us more with specific topics and those were also a great help for me, besides making it feel like an even more interactive course.

For my second semester Javan is now giving assignment feedback in videos where we can see our assignments and he points things out to us or shows how to make a correction. I love this. It is really like being live with the instructor and getting great feedback in person. It gives him also possibility to be much more precise and detailed with the feedback.

My favourite thing about Javan is how he was very complimentary and supportive. This gave me incentive to keep doing my best work and strive to be even better.

Jaqui Aubert

Gardner - Life Coach - Performing Artist - France
Education, OSU PDC Student, PDC Student