Javan’s course, teaching right livelihood with holistic management, has been one of those rare opportunities to challenge my longstanding belief that I need to sacrifice my happiness in order to be successful. Instead of choosing a goal and letting my lifestyle be fluid around it, I can embrace my ideal lifestyle and my goals become fluid to support it. This is a game changer.


Many courses I’ve taken are full of lofty ideas and great intentions, but fall short on specifics. Javan’s course provided me with more than a pipe dream; I got a roadmap.


I have real peace of mind after working with Javan. The knowledge that I’m working toward my ideal lifestyle, and having tools to guide my decisions in the moment, gives me a profound sense of lightness. I’ve found I have more creative energy in my whole life, like I have been unburdened by an anxiety I didn’t know I was carrying.


Work with Javan if you’re unsure how to have the lifestyle you want, doing what you love, without selling your soul.