UPDATE 2020/02/20
Catherine’s doing well. Through our work with you, we decided it was best for us to have our separate professional lives so we could enjoy our personal time together more easily, since tensions seemed to rise more easily when we spent day and night together. We’ve been getting along really well since then, she enjoys her work now, and we’re getting married in September.

Before we did this work with Javan, it seemed too daunting to include everything in our life that we wanted to move forward. We were both aware of things that needed improvement, but they were stuck up in our brains. Having it down on paper makes the conversation about us and the farm possible. 
Javan provided a framework for us to have an organized conversation with each other on a disorganized situation and it’s been fantastic. We wish it was something we had done years ago, but we just didn’t have the tools at the time. This holistic framework gives you a sense of the entire picture of your life, from work to finances to personal relationships and everything in between in our case, and it allowed us to juggle all this in a calm and collected, but thorough and methodical way that made it easy to approach and discuss one issue at a time until we were both on the same page.

Jordan MacPhee and Catherine Bailey

Farmers Maple Bloom Farm, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Business, Education, Holistic Life Context, Life Design, Life Design for Permaculture, One-on-One Coaching