Just want to echo the others: I am very grateful for having had this opportunity. I don’t know how we would have come up with a vision, strategy and plan for our site, let alone how I would have observed all the things I did thanks to the course. Of course there is a lot more to do, a lifelong time of learning and making the most of things.

Javan, thanks a million for your incredibly useful support, it is much appreciated. Your feedback has really helped me to crystallize some important elements in the design and look a lot deeper and further in many aspects (for example in the water design which has really evolved following your feedback).

What a privilege and inspiration to connect and learn from your wisdom and insights. Thanks for the really positive engagement.

Wishing you all the best of luck and lots of positive energy. The world is a much better place thanks to you :o)

Karen Luyckx

Basque Country, Spain
Education, OSU PDC Student, PDC Student