We wanted to work with Javan specifically because we knew we could trust him with the tender, fragile aspects of our relationship. We were looking to turn the murky depths of communicating about difficult things into a resilient framework for uncovering the real pitfalls between us. Working with Javan, we steadily developed an amazing arsenal of strength and commonality for our partnership—something we knew was there, but could only fully access and appreciate through the exercise of developing a holistic context.  The swamp of communication hasn’t disappeared, But we spend far less time trying to navigate it, and far more time directing ourselves toward the life we want to live as a result of this work. If you have your eyes open and are ready to dig deep, we can’t recommend his role as self-development sherpa with the process of life design highly enough.

Kellan Mackay and Tyler Stowers

Herbalist and Design Consultant; Farmer
Holistic Life Context, Life Design