Let’s say, you have gotten a beautiful blank canvas, and you are working away on your painting, you are working and adding all sorts of colour and texture because you know how to paint and you know exactly what you want it to be.

All of the sudden, you take a step back and you realize you have lost the plot, you have added so much stuff it is hard to tell what the initial inspiration was and it looks like a mess, no-one including yourself knows what you are trying to achieve anymore.

Javan, for us, was the voice from the back of the room, the teacher that gives you the honest truth about what he sees and hears and gives you the tools to peel off the layers of unnecessary elements that have confused the whole picture.

Working with Javan gave us a framework to make decisions with ease, confidence and clarity. We feel like we are in a safe place and the beautiful thing about it is that you can always paint a new painting!!! It makes it fun. We can keep on going back into the structure we created with Javan to make it as precise and unique as we choose. Many Thanks Javan!!!

Kerri and Jean Francois

Fine Artists, PDC Graduates
Client, Holistic Life Context, Life Design, One-on-One Coaching