Thanks to Javan for guiding through the course. It was excellent learning experience, reviewing portfolios of other student it gave me an opportunity to learn other world ecosystems, climate, plants and other public policies. 

Concept map designing was a piece of cake! It’s all because of kind of research the course made me to do in earlier assignments. Doing that, everything fell in its place without any hassles. Enjoyed the course as well as felt very challenging with most of assignments asking for ecological data, indigenous people in my country it’s not document properly and had to rely on primary data. Overall it turned out to be good. With this it does not stop i have further many other question which i need to dig into and learning is a never ending process. Finally i am doing this to serve for mother earth and children who are the future. Hopefully one day i will also have  farm.

Meera Rajesh

Social Worker - Karnataka, India
Education, OSU PDC Student, PDC Student