So, you’ve awaken to the fact that you want to change the world and your not sure what you can do. You’ve just finished a PDC and are ready to hit the ground running. But wait, how do I do that, well, Javan has developed a system that helps you help yourself. When you head out to make change you might want to take inventory of YOU. This is what you would do if you were going to advise someone about there property. Now then lets evaluate Zone 0, YOU.

Javan’s course does this and so much more. The basic questions are: What are you talented at? What brings you joy? What recharges you? This sounds easy to do? It was one of the hardest but most fulfilling exercises I have ever done. This work will help you to have laser focus on fulfilling your life’s passion, purpose and finding your bliss.

Thanks for all you do

Mike Haigwood

Real Life Consulting
Education, General, Holistic Life Context, Life Design