I found Javan while working on my PDC course. I was at a loss as how to make any sense of what my goals for the project were when I didn’t know what goals I wanted for my actual life. After listening to some podcasts and watching some of his YouTube videos I knew Javan was someone I wanted to work with.
Our time together was always a welcome part of my week and the homework had me dig deep to design the life I want based on not what my goals are but to really understand what is important to me and to design a life around that.
The material that you work through is so well laid out and easy to follow but full of wisdom. And Javan’s infectious smile will have you smiling right along with him.
With his support and encouragement, I now have the tools to make better decisions and help manage an anxiety that often left me in a state of paralysis by analysis. I look forward to the continued evolution and refinement that these tools and Javan have gifted me.