I am an individual who wants to save the world. I want to own multiple regenerative enterprises. I want to raise a family. I want to better my community. I want to make money. I want to nurture my talents and hobbies all while having down time for adventure, proper sleep, and fine home cooked meals with family and friends. But I have thousands of unfinished projects. I often feel like an amoeba crawling over an oven. I feel spread out over blistering grounds but all I want is to begin another project.

I was consumed by my projects, my business ventures, my gardens, my ideas and other people’s ideas. I was committing my soul to everyone with a good idea and giving my time to anyone who remotely crossed my interests and line of work. I was investing little time for family, friends, sleep, and the things that make me feel good. I surely had no time for vacation.

I was trying to save the world by starting thousands of projects at a time and leaving nothing for the most import aspect of my life, which is the quality of my life itself. I became a Holistic Life Context client of Javan Bernakevitch of All Points Life Design because I was spinning my life wheels and feeling overwhelmed with my projects, endless tasks, and many decisions in front of me. Javan Bernakevitch helped me set my priorities straight so that I was able to clearly decide what was most important in my life.

When I worked with Javan, throughout the six modules of his Holistic Life Context program he was fully committed to helping me solve my problems and prioritize my life every step of the way. He recognized my talents, listened to my issues, gave me encouraging and truthful feedback, and was just plain fun to talk to. Every week he challenged me to work hard and every time we talked I felt that my hard work was magnified exponentially.

Javan’s Holistic Life Context helped me direct my energy through a magnifying lens of my own talents. For the first time in my life I felt that I was being given the tools needed to control my talents and direct my passions. Javan helped me to embrace my true self and to figure out the root causes of my dilemmas. Instead of prescribing a blue print, he put me in the driver’s seat of my own life. He gave me the framework to customize a metaphorical race car and to pave my own race track.

Javan’s guidance allowed me to cross my own enigmas during every session we had together. He didn’t show me the light, or give me a magic fix, but instead he helped me decide which roads had a green light and which projects were just another trip down the old rabbit hole.

Through Javan’s guidance I discovered my own Holistic Life Context. I can now pull back the branches of my day and see what is true to me. From this new vantage point I feel confident that I am making my own decisions and I am making them with a clear view of what I think is important. When it comes down to it, Javan has given me a saw to cut through the compaction and thickets in my life. It is now up to me to work hard using this tool to clear my own road to a successful and happy life. Whether or not I succeed is up to me but I now have a swiss army knife in my toolkit.

Javan has introduced me to a brilliant system that I can now use for organizing, analyzing and prioritizing my thousand-project-life. I feel prepared to make better decisions, start the proper projects, and let go of the baggage. I can be the best I can be because I know what is important to me.

Javan cares about his work and he is damn good at what he does. I highly recommend his Holistic Life Context work for anyone looking for a system to get you into the driver’s seat of decision-making.

Richard J. Mitchell

Edible Landscaper, School Garden Educator, Nursery Owner
Client, Holistic Life Context, Life Design