Thank you sooo much Javan!
It’s been a really lovely time well spent.  I was very skeptical at first of the whole course idea.  But i have gained soooo much knowledge i think this is just the tip of the iceberg for me.  Theres soooo much more to learn and experience.
This is really a gift of life for me.  I thank you and everyone involved and the nice environment you and Neil provided in our group.  This is a kind of course where grades dont really matter.  Its the knowledge you get and do something with it. Thank you so much guys, a big thumbs up from me and from my hubby who made this possible.
You never know maybe will cross each other someday in Swahili theres a saying that says this – milima haikutani which means mountains don’t meet but humans do.

Salha Saleh

Student - Tanzania, Africa
Education, General, PDC Student