I was drawn to permaculture initially because of two problems:


  • First, I owned a piece of land that had been almost decimated by the Mountain Pine Beetle & was needing some kind of eco-friendly redesign.
  • Second, I had some problems with my septic system & I hoped to find out what creative options there might be for dealing with wastewater (and water in general].


After investigating a number of course options, I came across some of Geoff Lawton’s videos & was intrigued by the possibilities I observed in permaculture. Geoff Lawton is from Australia & he wasn’t hosting any courses at the time so I looked at what was available in North America.


The OSU course came highly recommended. It offered me solutions to the two problems I stated above. It was project based allowing me to learn essential permaculture principles while redesigning my property. It also offered me creative alternatives to the conventional ways of dealing with wastewater that actually became an integral part of the design site.


Javan Bernakevitch was an excellent mentor & essential guide in the design process. His practical experience & creative approach to solving problems was a hand in glove fit for the OSU permaculture course.


The OSU PDC PRO course was a great learning experience that I highly recommend for anyone interested in making a meaningful difference in the way they interact with their lived space.

Steve Maskell

OSU PDC Student, PDC Student